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Milli Q water purification system

Microwave Digestor

High Performance Computing Facility

It has a well equipped computer laboratory with 50 Desktop computers and a high performance computing cluster with 10 nodes of 1 teraflops of computing power..

E-Content Creation Lab

(Digital Content Creation Lab-CLIF)

The Digital Content Creation Lab in CLIF (DCCL-CLIF) is a specialized facility designed to facilitate the development, production, and enhancement of digital educational content. It is equipped with advanced technology and tools to support the creation of engaging and interactive learning materials. The lab is organized to provide a collaborative and creative workspace for content creators. It includes designated workstations with ergonomic furniture, ample desk space, and comfortable seating. The layout is designed to promote interaction among team members involved in various aspects of e-content creation. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia production equipment, including three professional-grade cameras to cover the audience and the speaker from various angles, hi-definition audio recording devices with appropriate lighting setups. These resources allow content creators to produce high-quality videos, and interactive media elements that enhance the overall learning experience. The soundproof recording studio is equipped with professional-grade microphones, soundproofing materials, and audio editing software. This studio is ideal for recording high-quality voiceovers, podcasts, and other audio elements for e-learning modules. In summary, the e-content creation lab at CLIF is a dynamic and well-equipped space that serves as a hub for developing innovative and interactive digital educational content creation. The DCCL has an Editing suite with high end Mac Computers and high resolution monitors modern software for precise editing of videos and sound mixing as well as a VIP/Guest Lounge for Faculty relaxation are additional facilities attached to the Digital Content Creation Lab

The Facility is open for usage by the Campus Faculty and from other Institutions on payment basis


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