Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (TGDTA/DSC) (Funded by RUSA)

Instrument Details

Make : PerkinElmer STA 8000


It enables real-time measurement and analysis of sample weight change and heat flow in one compact lab instrument. Applications from the TGA/DTA include: compositional analysis, decomposition temperatures, engine oil volatility, flammability studies, lifetime predictions, measurement of volatiles, oxidative and thermal stabilities, catalyst and coking studies, and hyphenation to identify out-gassing products. Application from the DSC include: melting and crystallization behavior, glass transition temperatures, specific heat capacity, kinetic studies and transition and reaction enthalpies.

Fee details and submission of application

For fee details, please visit The request form for the instrument shall be downloaded from Read the instructions given in the form and at the bottom of the analysis rates page carefully before submitting the application. Proper method and area of focus for result has to be mentioned for accuracy.

Location: Central Laboratory for instrumentation and facilitation, University of Kerala, Karivattom campus Trivandrum


You can also log on to the I-STEM Portal ( and book slots for the equipment.