Director's Message

Prof. G. M. Nair

The Central Laboratory for Instrumentation and Facilitation (CLIF) at the University of Kerala has been providing state-of-the-art testing and measuring of various samples from both materials sciences and life science sector to researchers and scientists across the state of Kerala for the last three years. More than 1000 samples are processed annually for high end research/tests in various specialty areas which include Chemistry, Physics, Nanoscience, Biotechnology, Coagulation and Immunology, Surface analysis, Imaging, Computation and Data analysis. Our advanced machines and quality testing systems have ensured that we stay ahead of the curve and this has resulted in our service to many research institutes, industries and universities in the state of Kerala. We strive to offer the best in research results and we welcome partnership in ideas and technologies. We will continue to work with passion on our mission to contribute significantly in research to the University, other institutes and industries by providing efficient, timely and affordable services.