History and Organization

In appreciation of R & D contributions based on research publication in SCOPUS database, University of Kerala was selected as one of the performing university by Government of India and provided substantive research grant under PURSE Scheme by Department of Science & Technology during 2011-2016. Realising that scientific instruments with cutting-edge technology are vital for pursuing research in many areas of modern science and technology, University of Kerala under the Plan funds constructed a two storied building to house the procured sophisticated equipments under one roof. The Central Laboratory for Instrumentation and Facilitation (CLIF) at Kariavattom campus is a new and exciting initiative with broad range of state of-the-art analytical instruments purchased under PURSE Scheme and various other sources. The centre represents one of the largest commitments for research in the history of the university and will carry forward decades of research into new realms of application and discovery.


  • To strengthen technological infrastructure to carry out advanced research in various science disciplines under one roof and make their services available to academic schools and departments.
  • To provide guidance for analysis of data and train personnel in operation and maintenance of Sophisticated Instruments.
  • To organize short-term courses/workshops on the use and application of various spectroscopic and analytical techniques for students, teachers and technical personnel from our University, affiliated institutions, universities and industry in the region.