Instrument Details

Make : Camag HPTLC

Parts: Linomat 5 for sample application, TLC Visualiser 2, TLC Scanner for detection, TLC/HPTLC documentation system with digital camera, ,TLC plate heater, dipand derivatizationtanks, dedicated computer with winCATS Planar Chromatography System Manager.

Location: Central Laboratory for instrumentation and facilitation, University of Kerala, Karivattom campus Trivandrum

Fee details and submission of application

For fee details, please visit https://kusicc.ac.in/analysis-rates/. The request form for the instrument shall be downloaded from https://kusicc.ac.in/downloads/. Read the instructions given in form and the bottom of the analysis rate page carefully before submitting application. Proper method and area focus on resulthas to be mentioned for accuracy of results.


High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography is capable of separating organic compounds. Principle of HPTLC have similar approach and employ the same physical principles of TLC (adsorption chromatography) i.e. the principleof separation is adsorption. The mobile phase solvent flows through because of capillary action. The components move according to their affinities towards the adsorbent. The component with more affinity towards the stationary phase travels slower. The component with lesser affinity towards the stationary phase travels faster. Thus, the components are separated on a chromatographic plate.


HPTLC is a powerful tool for rapidly comparing several samples in parallel, checking for adulteration, monitoring purity and stability, and quantifying marker compounds. Because of its many benefits the technique is used in various application fields. The analyte includes herbal drug, food, forensic, biotechnology, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental samples.


The user needsto have knowledge of layers and solvents to be used for separation. In the absence of this knowledge, a method development step is necessary.


You can also log on to the I-STEM Portal ( www.istem.gov.in) and book slots for the equipment.