ICP-MS (Thermo Scientific ICAP Qc)

The iCAP Qc offers uniquely reliable cell mode performance and is configured for high quality analyses in routine, high-throughput laboratories, such as those specialising in environmental analysis, food quality control and geo-chemical exploration. With self-aligning injector, cone and lens assemblies, unparalleled plasma and collision cell stability and improved resistance to heavy sample matrices, the iCAP Q requires less maintenance and delivers accurate results even in challenging and complicated sample conditions. The iCAP Q is the only ICP-MS system to include proprietary QCell technology combining proven He KED (kinetic energy discrimination) interference reduction capabilities with a flatapole low mass cut-off. In comparison with higher-order multipole systems used in collision cells,the flatapoles in the QCell provide a low mass cut off that stops unwanted species from passing to the quadrupole mass filter. This provides complete collision cell reliability, even with new, complicated sample matrices. Elements like As and Hg can be analysed in ICAP Q c without hydride ion generator.

ICAP Q C requires complete dissolution of the sample before it is analysed. Our lab is equipped with Anton parr multiwave 3000 Microwave digester for sample dissolution.

How should the sample be supplied?

Rock and soil samples should be provided in solution form, using any suitable dissolution procedure. The acids used and the procedure adopted should be informed with the dilution factor. Only suprapur grade acids should be used for sample preparation. Other non refractory samples including biological samples can be provided in powdered form, liquid form or paste form along with sample weight and dissolution procedure adopted Before deciding to use the ICP-MS for your analyses, please get in touch with the ICP-MS technician (Mr.Julekh email: julekhis@gmail.com) for hints on sample preparation.