Instrument Details

Make : Thermoscientific Nicolet iS50


The UV-VIS-NIR spectrum is due to the electronic transitions and vibrational modes of the molecule. This is characteristic of a compound. Qualitative and quantitative estimations of compounds are possible by this non destructive technique.

The absorption (A) of a solution at a particular wavelength is given by Beer-Lambert’s law A=ect where c is the concentration of the compound, t is the thickness of the cell and e is the molar extinction coefficient characteristic of the compound at a given wavelength. This principle is used for quantitative measurements.

The Cary 5000 is a high performance UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer with superb photometric performance in the 175-3300 nm range. Using a PbSmart detector, the Cary 5000 extends its NIR range to 3300 nm making it a powerful tool for materials science research. The large sample compartment can be expanded to hold large accessories and integrating spheres for spectral and diffuse reflectance. The LockDown mechanism makes it possible to quickly change and position accessories for reproducible results


(i) Molecular fingerprint analysis workstation in the areas of pharmaceuticals, forensics, polymers, food, petrochemical industries ranging organic structural studies

(ii) Identification of types of chemical bonds

(iii) Analysis of trace impurities in mixtures .

Integrated with Omnic software enables frequency domain molecular spectrum with resolution greater than 0.09cm-1

Fee details and submission of application

For fee details, please visit https://kusicc.ac.in/analysis-rates/. The request form for the instrument shall be downloaded from https://kusicc.ac.in/downloads/. Read the instructions given in the form and at the bottom of the analysis rates page carefully before submitting the application. Proper method and area of focus for result has to be mentioned for accuracy.

Location: Central Laboratory for instrumentation and facilitation, University of Kerala, Karivattom campus Trivandrum


You can also log on to the I-STEM Portal ( www.istem.gov.in) and book slots for the equipment.