Under DST-PURSE Grant, a Scanning Probe Microscope/Atomic force microscope has been procured and installed at Kariavattom campus of the University of Kerala. The model and make of the instrument is BRUKER Dimension Edge SPM system. After installation, a training programme was conducted for the potential users; Faculty, Research Scholars and students belonging to the following departments: Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Optoelectronics, Botany, Zoology and Nanotechnology. Six sessions, each with 3 h duration was arranged and about 60 people participated in the training programme. Engineers demonstrated the working and various applications of SPM to the participants. Presently the instrument is in perfect working condition.  A trained person has been appointed on full-time basis for the operation and maintenance. The AFM imaging is being done in contact mode/ tapping mode/non-contact mode according to the requirement mainly based on nature of the sample. In most cases, topography of different materials in thin film form is analyzed.  Some research scholars have shown interest in cell imaging biological samples analysis of holograms.  Other works being done include STM (scanning tunneling microscope) and MFM (magnetic force microscope) measurements