Scanning Electron Microscopy [SEM] includes Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analyser [EDX]

Instrument Details

Make : Carl Zeiss EVO 18 Research


Mainly for surface morphological and topographical studies and also for compositional elemental analysis. SEM can detect and analyze surface fractures, provide information in microstructures, examine contaminations, reveal spatial variations in chemical composition, provide qualitative chemical analyses and identify crystalline structures. In addition, SEMs have practical industrial and technological applications such as semiconductor inspection, production line of miniscule products and assembly of microchips for computers. SEMs can be essential research tool in field such as life science, biology, medical and forensic science and metallurgy. Generally unsuitable for wet samples.


(i) Detailed morphological and topographical imaging and versatile information generated from different detectors.

(ii) Easy to operate with the proper training and with advances in computer technology.Its software make it user-friendly.

(iii) All samples must be prepared before placed in the vacuum chamber so most samples require minimal preparation action.

Fee details and submission of application

For fee details, please visit The request form for the instrument shall be downloaded from Read the instructions given in the form and at the bottom of the analysis rates page carefully before submitting the application. Proper method and area of focus for result has to be mentioned for accuracy.

Location: Central Laboratory for instrumentation and facilitation, University of Kerala, Karivattom campus Trivandrum