High Performance Computing Facility

The Campus Computing Facility is a dedicated Central Computing Facility (CCF) which provides high performance computing facility to faculty and students alike to take up computationally intensive research problems. Computational science has become the third pillar of scientific discovery, complementing theory and physical experimentation, allowing scientists to explore phenomenon that are too big, small, fast, or dangerous to investigate in the laboratory. The Linux cluster (parallel computer) at CCF is dedicated for the researchers to make full use of this important technology. For easy access and better utilization of these facilities, a series of training programmes and workshops are being carried out on various aspects of scientific computing. CCF has a well equipped computer laboratory with 50 Desktop computers and a high performance computing cluster with 10 nodes of 1 teraflops of computing power. Currently CCF extends facility to research work on Computational Chemistry, Social Network Analysis, Data Analytics, Computational Biology etc.

Two extra-departmental elective courses on parallel programming and data analytics are currently conducted at CCF. It also provide an off campus access to e-resource and a learning management system through moodle.