CHN(S)/O Analyser (Funded by RUSA)

Instrument Details

Make : Perkin Elmer 2400 Series II CHNS/O


Reliable and cost effective technique for determining the organic elemental analysis of C,H,N,S contents in solid and liquid matrices which covers a wide range of applications in the areas of pharmaceuticals for confirmatory analysis and purity. Polymer material characterization, Protein content and Product labeling in food industries, petrochemicals industries. Environmental sediments covering C/N ratio in plant material, soil sediments and C/H Ratio of fuel.

Operates with a microprocessor unit which controls all system functions integrated to powerful EA 2400 data manager software.

Fee details and submission of application

For fee details, please visit The request form for the instrument shall be downloaded from Read the instructions given in the form and at the bottom of the analysis rates page carefully before submitting the application. Proper method and area of focus for result has to be mentioned for accuracy.

Location: Central Laboratory for instrumentation and facilitation, University of Kerala, Karivattom campus Trivandrum

You can also log on to the I-STEM Portal ( and book slots for the equipment.